Do I need to have a guide for AMA participants?

You need a guide! Seriously. You need this and should have it ready to go before inviting anyone to do an AMA in your subreddit. We have a guide you can start with here that you’ll want to turn into your own document. You'll share the document with AMA participants well in advance of their AMAs.

Feel free to edit content in the guide to fill any gaps that you run into, add examples, or edit examples given to be more in line with your subreddit’s culture or include your subreddit’s past AMAs.

Remember that your AMA participants may be completely unfamiliar with Reddit. Making sure your guide is thorough will let them know that their questions are normal and will help them get everything ready early so your subreddit can have a successful and fun AMA

  • They may not have and may not know how to create an account.  THEY need to do this - you can’t do it for them.
  • They may not understand what subreddits are. (using the term communities can help)
  • They may not understand how to post or comment. (often folks can’t find reply or don’t hit save after typing a reply)
  • They may not understand Reddit culture (but you can help them face horse duck battles head-on.)
  • Encourage genuine, authentic interaction so they don’t end up trying to use the AMA as a pure marketing strategy.  Rampart, anyone? 
  • Be flexible about updating your guide when you run into issues around things that may be missing - nothing is too small.


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