How do I invite participants for AMAs?

You should have an invitation document prepared and ready.

We have a sample invite template here you can edit to fit your needs but feel free to create your own.

  • Make sure to link to your subreddit in the invitation
  • Make sure to say you are a volunteer moderator
  • If anyone has questions you are not sure about, feel free to CC
  • Never offer to create accounts or ask participants for their passwords
  • After inviting, keep the lines of communication open
  • Users new to Reddit may be confused and should feel comfortable coming to you with anything they don’t understand
  • When your AMA invite has been accepted, send them the guide and encourage them to come to you with all questions they might have. Let them know that no question is too small so they don’t feel hesitant to reach out.
  • Have sending and clearing their title, intro, and proof through you first as a part of your standard AMA process by letting them know you’re there to help them have a positive experience talking to the community in your subreddit

Unless your participant is very familiar with Reddit, you’ll probably want to handle your invites and guide sharing via email.

  • Not everyone is familiar with modmail but everyone can understand email
  • Using email allows for a dedicated AMA point of contact that won’t get mixed in with other requests.
  • You can cc a variety of mods on AMA email chains
  • You can have a shared inbox for mods in charge of AMAs - but remember you are ultimately responsible for security on this account and it should stay with trusted mods responsible for AMAs.


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