Profile settings and moderation tools

 By clicking on the “Settings” dropdown on your profile page, you are able to access all of your settings and your profile’s moderation tools. The moderation tools described below are abbreviated to be more suitable for moderating a profile.




Customize profile:

Here is where you go to edit the main components of your profile page. You can write a bio, update your cover, profile photo, and mark your profile as NSFW (Not Safe For Work.) The sections are as follows:

  • Name is where you can add a tagline underneath your username.
  • About represents your profile’s bio.
  • Profile photo is your main photo, avatar, or hero image. (Minimum recommended avatar image size: 256x256)
  • Cover photo allows you to upload a photo as the banner at the top of your profile page. (Minimum recommended cover image: 1280x384px)
  • Profile category is where you confirm whether or not your profile regularly contains NSFW content. We require this to be marked correctly.



Privacy is where you can control who can see what content you post and the communities that you are active in.

    • Content visibility allows you to exempt your profile from popular listings.
    • Active in communities allows you to hide the list of communities your profile is active in.


User Preferences:

Your user preferences is where you can manage your account's site wide preferences, as well as your email and password.


Profile Moderation:

If you choose to post to your profile, you are now a moderator and you'll need to get familiar with your mod tools.



This is where you can view traffic statistics and graphs for your profile.



If your profile's comments are busy and you need some help with moderation, you might want to add on some users as mods to assist you. You can do this here. If you decide to go ahead and add mods, be sure to choose users that you trust to represent you via their statements and mod actions, being mindful of what permissions your grant them. 


Moderator Permissions

Permissions are different sets of mod actions you can allow to be taken on your profile by added moderators. Make sure you first understand these permissions before adding mods.

      • Full permissions gives a moderator complete access to mod tools and modmail.  Your account, as the creator of the profile, will have full permissions. Other accounts granted full permissions will not be able to post to your profile on your behalf.
      • Access allows the moderator to ban users.
      • Config is required for someone to edit automoderator rules.
      • Flair allows a moderator to grant and edit flair.
      • Mail allows a moderator to view and reply to modmail. 
        • Please note that this feature is not currently live on profiles.
      • Posts allows a moderator to remove or approve posts or comments.


Moderation Queue

Content that users report can be found here so you can approve or remove it.

    • It is important to check your mod queue multiple times each day to ensure that prohibited content in not on your profile page in comments.
    • If someone posts something objectionable or rule breaking on your profile other users will very likely report it, making it easier to find and moderate where appropriate.


Moderation Log

The moderation log lists all mod actions taken by any mod on your profile.  If you are the only moderator of your profile the only actions will be from you or Automoderator.

    • If you add multiple moderators, the mod log can be helpful in seeing who has taken a particular action like banning a user or removing a comment.  
    • The moderation log will also list actions taken by Automoderator if it is set up to make actions on your profile.



Automoderator is our friendly robot that can be used to help you moderator your community.  You can see the full documentation of how it works here

    • Automod is a versatile tool that can be set up to remove or flag content posted on your page so you can review it.  If you have questions about setting up rules, r/Automoderator is a valuable resource for help and advice.


Ban Users

This tool allows you to ban users from participating in your page and should be used sparingly. If users are violating site-wide rules or harassing you, please contact the admins at or r/ modmail

    • Bans can be permanent or timed.  For minor infractions a warning or a short ban is often enough.
    • It is important to use bans only in situations where it is warranted. Educating users or ignoring someone’s bad behavior can often be more effective than banning them.



Flair is text that displays next to someone’s username. Users in sports communities use flair to display their favorite team.

    • “Flair” is like a label you can apply to a post or a specific user. For example, you could flair someone who works with you so other users are aware of who they are.
      • This may not be a function you have a need for immediately.  




All removed content can be seen here. This includes content caught by the site wide spam filter and content removed by a moderator.

    • You can approve content that was removed accidentally.




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