Are you ready for the AMA?

Things you need to have completely nailed down before the AMA to ensure success:

Know the user’s username and add to the approved submitters!

Be ready to help them create a username (through instruction) if they don’t already have one

  • If more than one person: they can be logged in and participating on one account or
  • They can each use their own account and you can assign them user flair in advance of the AMA 
      • Confirm and add everyone to your approved submitters list well in advance of the scheduled AMA.
      • Avoid Q&A sort for multiple accounts - this will hide some of your participants answers and make for a very messy AMA.


Make sure they are ready.

  • Do they have a good title?
      • This is very important for clarity and gaining interest
  • Do they have an intro ready to go that will go over well with your subreddit?
  • Do they have good proof (based on your subreddit’s requirements?)


Have a time set for the AMA and have the timezone confirmed for everyone involved.

  • Announce the upcoming AMA to your community
      • Many communities like to make a post a few days in advance announcing an AMA. If the AMA guest is tweeting to announce the AMA it’s good to coincide with that.  
      • You may want to start keeping a calendar in your sidebar - if you do not have many AMAs to list you can fill in by listing other events like weekly discussion threads.  
  • Have them post before they are ready to start answering questions
      • Make sure a mod is available to approve the post so it doesn’t get spammed or filtered by Automod
      • Use a stickied mod comment to manage user expectations around when answers will begin.
      • Have them post about one hour ahead for large subreddits
      • Have them post about two to three hours ahead for smaller subreddits


Next up: Following up after the AMA

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