Traffic and Reporting

Accessing your advertising dashboard

You can access your advertising dashboard by clicking on the 'advertising' tab at the top of the Reddit page. Alternatively, you can visit the link directly at:

The /promoted/ page will show all your advertisements whether they are live or in progress. From here, you can access any of your campaigns.

Accessing the traffic reporting page

Every Reddit advertiser will have access to a traffic page displaying hourly and overall stats and graphs reflecting the progression of the Reddit ad (hourly & total impressions delivered, hourly & total clicks delivered, hourly & overall campaign CTR, overall CPM, overall CPC).

To visit your traffic page, click "traffic" at the bottom of your Reddit ad.




We provide only data on impressions and clicks. We do not track users once they leave the site nor do we generate reports on traffic on an advertiser's page. You are more than welcome to use Google analytics to measure the health of your campaign or their UTM tracking with a URL builder here.

Please note that impressions are delivered to users who do not have ad blocking on their browser to ensure fair delivery of the ad.

Note: The Reddit system has about a 2-3 hour delay on generating hourly promotion stats. If you do not see your stats, we recommend waiting about 2 hours. If you do not see your campaign stats for more than 24 hours after your ad launches, please email

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