Editing Ads

To edit an ad, access the add edit page (the "edit" link underneath your ad's title) from your ads homepage. On the edit page, click the "edit creative" button.

You can edit your ad creative or link anytime between creation and launch, including after the ad has been approved. But, if you edit your ad after it has been approved, the ad will have to be re-approved. If it is near midnight EST (launch time for Reddit ads) and it is about to go live imminently, we can't necessarily guarantee we'll get to it in time. However, our system will pace your ad evenly once it is live to make up for lost time as much as it can.


Note: We work as fast as we can. Advertisers will be billed for any time their ad is up, even if they have asked for it to be taken down.

Editing Live Ads

Head to your promoted page (Link page). For the ad you would like to edit, click the ‘edit’ link underneath the headline title. You will be directed to that ad’s edit page, on this page click the [edit creative] button. 

Once you have made those changes your ad will be placed in a queue for reapproval.

Note: Editing your advertisement will cause it to stop displaying until it has been re-approved by our staff. However, adjusting your bid will not pause your ad.

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