Will you remove something defamatory about me or my friend?

In light of the protections afforded to online hosts of third party content, such as Reddit, we rarely remove such material, but we reserve the right to do so for legal or other reasons.

Please note that Reddit does not remove posts for containing insults or negative commentary, but leaves such decisions to the moderators of particular communities. Those moderators are not employees of or retained by Reddit‚ they are the persons who initiated the particular community and their appointees. While posts that contain such content can be distasteful, Reddit is not in a position to arbitrate disputes. Posts should be consistent with the rules of the community to which they are posted.

The best way to deal with incorrect information on the Internet is to post the correct information next to it. The reddit community is usually very supportive of such a response, and will likely vote to give the correction greater prominence than the original post. Redditors love a good counterpoint.

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