Targeting Subreddits

Reddit is composed of more than 10,000 active communities with 234 million unique users around the world. Targeting a community, or subreddit, allows you to reach the exact audience interested in a specific topic.

If you have a new music app you want to promote to Reddit's music communities, you could target the Music subreddit. This is also known as and

Targeting a subreddit means you are targeting the subscribers of that subreddit. The ad will serve to the subscribers of your targeted subreddit and those who have recently visited that subreddit.

Adding a subreddit target to your ad

On your campaign dashboard, select the "subreddits" button. Type in the exact subreddit name in the blank field and hit enter. You can add as many subreddits as you would like. Be sure to hit enter between each subreddit so it is in its own blue box. Then, enter your budget, start & end date, desired bid, and click "create".

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