Step by Step: How to Create an Ad

Getting Started - How to build your Reddit campaign

Welcome to Reddit's advertising platform! With the self-serve platform, you can launch promoted posts targeting any Reddit community.

Step by Step: How to Create an Ad

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Reddit account
  • Ad copy
  • Click-through URL or text to promote
  • 70x70 Thumbnail (optional, but recommended)
  • 1200x628 Card image (optional)

To begin, log in to your Reddit account. If you don’t have an account, create one by going to and clicking the “Log in or sign-up” link in the top right corner. This username can be whatever you like, personal or professional. When creating your Reddit account, be sure to include your email address. You will need to verify this email address when submitting payment for your ad. This email address will receive notifications on the submission, launch, and completion of your ad.

To create a promotion, scroll to the bottom of any Reddit page and click on the “advertise” link, or go directly to in your browser. On this page, click the “Create an ad” button to begin. You can access this page here

You will be directed to the Reddit advertising platform, which will prompt you to create your ad. On the first page, you can upload your thumbnail image, create a title for your promotion, the type of promotion you’d like to launch (“post type”), and the URL for the ad.



Make your Reddit promotion visually interesting to Reddit users by adding an image. You can upload a 70x70 (up to 140x140) pixel image to your promotion by selecting your image file (JPEG or PNG) and then click “Choose File”. Once you’ve chosen your file, click “Upload” to finish uploading your image. Our system will confirm that your image has been uploaded by displaying a “saved” text in red.

Please note that your file size should be below 500kb.

Best Practice: It is optional to add an image to your Reddit promotion. This is highly recommended to make your promotion more interesting to Redditors (which can lead to a higher CTR).Click here to see examples from previous advertisers.

Mobile Ad Image

Reddit offers the ability to target mobile users. Upload a 1200x628 pixel image to be displayed on our mobile web platform ( in card view. This image will appear in the feed below your title. The image cannot exceed 3MB.


This will be the message your promotion will read to viewers. The character limit is 300.

  • Best Practice: Stay casual, concise (100 characters or less), and informative in your headline title. If you're offering Redditors a discount for your product, include this in your headline, as that is a great way to encourage users to try your product. Click here to see examples from previous advertisers.

Post Type

There are two types of promotions you can launch on Reddit:

  • Link: This post type will re-direct users to a URL of your choice. This promotion includes a headline copy, thumbnail image, and landing page URL. This promotion type is great for driving traffic to a specific landing page.
  • Text: This post type includes an embedded text box with a message of your choice (unlimited amount of text), and re-direct users to the “comments” page of the promotion of the expanded text body. This promotion type includes a headline, thumbnail image, and text box with a custom message. You can include links to your site in your text. This promotion type is great for adding more context to your campaign and driving a conversation.


This is the URL you’d like to re-direct users to that click on your promotion. Reminder: We don't allow URL Redirects. If you want to track your URL, consider Google's UTM URL builder.

If you select “text” as your ad type, users will be directed to a custom text box and the associated comments page. You can include several links within the text box message.

Once you’ve finished inserting the title of your promotion, selecting the post type, and either adding the click-through URL or text box message, click “next” to continue the ad creation process. If the page does not allow you to move forward, try uploading a smaller file size for your thumbnail image.


Comments are automatically enabled. You have the option to disable comments if you wish.  

  • To disable the comments section of your promotion, select the “disable comments” box of this section. This will launch your Reddit promotion on Reddit without a comments section
  • To enable the comments section of your promotion, select “send comment on my ad to my inbox”. This is the default option in the Reddit advertising platform. This will send you a notification on Reddit each time someone leaves a comment in the comments section of your promotion. This notification will be displayed by turning your Reddit profile’s blue envelope into an orange-red color.

Best Practice: We strongly recommend that all advertisers enable the comments section of their promotion. This section provides a space for Redditors to connect with you, the advertiser, by asking questions and leaving comments about your Reddit promotion. Comments are 100% organic and give you the opportunity to see feedback about your promotion in real-time. Advertisers can engage with Redditors through this section by answering and engaging in these organic comments.

After you’ve created your promotion, our system will direct you to your newly created “edit promotion” page. This shows a mock image of your promotion (displayed in a light yellow color), in addition to a "campaign dashboard" that will prompt you to select targeting, budget, maximum bid, and scheduling.



Creating a campaign


Interest Targeting:
Targeting an interest group means you are targeting users who have expressed interest in a specific type of content. For example, a user who engages in a post relating to sports will be shown sports ads for a period of time after engage with that type of content. As a user engages in different content their interest categorization will dynamically change, ensuring all ads are relevant to that user.

Screenshot of the UI


Collections: Your promotion will rotate in pre-set groups of subreddits based around a specific collection. Your promotion will bid against ads in the subreddit it is being served in. If you’d like to choose this option, click the “collections” targeting button, and select one of 9 groups from the drop down list. More info on Collection Groups.

Subreddits: Your promotion will rotate in the selected  subreddits page. To choose a subreddit, click the “targeted” button and then type in the name of the subreddit or subreddits you’d like to target your promotion to. More info on subreddits.



Location Targeting: Our system will automatically have advertisers set for no location targeting (“none”), which means that your ad will be displayed worldwide in the Reddit page you choose in the “targeting” section. If you'd like for your Reddit promotion to appear in a specific city or country, target your campaign and then select the desired country/city in which you'd like your ad to run. City-level targeting is currently available for U.S. cities in 210 metro areas. You can only target one location per campaign. To target multiple locations, you must create a campaign for each location.More info on location targeting.

 The page will now show that you have finished creating a targeted campaign for your Reddit promotion. To create additional targeted campaigns, click the “+ new campaign” button. Repeat this process for however many targets you want on the ad.

Not sure what to target? View the Targeting support articles.


Choose the total budget you’d like to spend on your ad. Type in your budget in the "total budget" section of the campaign dashboard.

If your ad is rejected you will not be charged. If your ad under delivers, you will automatically receive your refund once your campaign has ended. Please allow 5-7 business days for the funds to return to your account.


In the "Start" and "End" date section of your campaign dashboard, choose the dates you’d like your Reddit promotion to run. Your promotion will start at 12:01 am ET of the start date, and end at 12:01 am ET on the end date (ex. If you choose 5/8/16 as your end date, your promotion will stop running at 12:01am on 5/8/16).

The "duration" section of the campaign dashboard confirms the number of days your promotion will run.

By default, campaigns will automatically extend an additional 30 days after their scheduled end date if there is budget remaining. If you do not want your ad to continue, deselect the ‘ automatically extend up to 30 days if unspent budget remains’ box underneath your start and end date. More on schedule and delivery.


Type in your maximum CPM bid (cost per 1,000 impressions). For more information on pricing and billing click here.


Once you’re done editing the details of the ad, click the orange “+close" button. This adds the campaign target to your dashboard. Just because you have created your campaign doesn’t mean it is set to run. You need to add payment to your campaign before it can run. More on this in the Submitting Payments section below.

You created a campaign! If there are multiple audiences you want to reach, you can click the orange +new campaign button on this page to add another target. Repeat this process for all the targets you want to create.


Submitting Payment

Now that you've created your ad and added at least one campaign target, you can submit payment for each individual campaign. More on payments.


Ad Review

After submitting payment, your ad will automatically enter our approval queue. We require a 1 business day grace period to approve your ad. All ads are approved by a human at Reddit. If you create a campaign after 3pm on a Friday, it will be approved early Monday morning. More on ad approvals and rejections.

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