Step by Step: How to Create an Ad

Getting Started - How to build your Reddit campaign

Welcome to Reddit's advertising platform! With the self-serve platform, you can launch promoted posts targeting any Reddit community.

Step by Step: How to Create an Ad

What you’ll need

  • Reddit account with a verified email address
  • Ad copy (headline)
  • Thumbnail image (400x400 maximum, this will be resized to fit the 70x70 thumbnail)
  • Mobile card view image (1200x628)

Navigate to and sign in using your Reddit username and password.

Upon your initial sign into the campaign management tool, you will be directed to the ‘Set Up Campaign’ page. From here, you can name your campaign. We suggest naming your campaign to reflect your targeting as this name will be displayed on your dashboard and not to users.


Example Campaign Name:


Next, you can select the audience you wish to display your ad to. You can target users based on the following parameters:

  • User Interests
  • Locations
  • Subreddit
  • Platform (Desktop and Mobile Web)
  • Day and Time


Both Interest targeting and Locations features will automatically be expanded. Click the + button in order to expand other targeting features.


You can also negatively target keywords and subreddits, meaning that your ad will not appear next to the words and subreddits you specify.

You can use any of these targeting features in conjunction with each other. For example, if you target the business interest group and the subreddit r/sharks, your ad will appear for users interested in business as well as users browsing the subreddit r/sharks.

Once you have selected your audience, you can choose your ad’s schedule and budget. For more information on scheduling your ad to run at specific times read this article here.

You will first need to select a bid per 1,000 impressions (CPM). The self-serve platform works on a second price auction, this means that the top bid for a given targeting set will end up clearing on the second highest bid plus $0.01. You will want to select a bid that reflects the most you are willing to pay. 

Based on your budget, select the daily average amount you would like to spend on that campaign. This is an average, not a hard number and you will sometimes deliver a bit more or a bit less than the value you input here. You also have the option to select a total budget. Your ad will attempt to deliver your average daily spend each day until you hit your total budget, at which time your ad will turn off. Finally, select your desired start date and optionally an end date.


On the righthand side, you will see a summary of your campaign set up. This summary includes the total available impressions based on your targeting. Please note that since Reddit is an auction-based platform, you are not guaranteed those impressions. The number of impressions actually delivered depends on targeting, bid, and traffic to Reddit.

Next, you can set up your creative. There are two media types for sponsored posts: a link post or a text post. A link post will direct users to an URL of your choice when clicked on. A text post will direct users to more text provided by you when setting up your creative. You also have the option to enable comments on your ads.

Enter your headline (max 100 characters), please note we do not allow the excessive use of capitalization or symbols. If you selected a link post, enter your destination URL. This is the URL that users will be directed to when they click on your headline. We do not allow URL redirects except in the case of app download tracking. If you select text post, enter your text in the box underneath your headline and embed any links you would like users to click on.  


After you have created your ad, upload your images.

The mobile card image will be displayed to users browsing the Reddit mobile site on their mobile devices in card view. The thumbnail image will be displayed to users on desktop or browsing the Reddit mobile site in compact view. Please note your images cannot exceed 3MB.

Lastly, select a name for your creative, this will not be shown to users and is just for your tracking purposes. Hit save and continue to proceed to the review page.

Make sure to review your ad details before clicking submit. If you need to make any adjustments, click the word ‘edit’ in blue next to the relevant section. Once you are satisfied that your ad has been set up correctly, click the blue ‘Submit for approval’ button. We ask up to 24 hours to review your ad and set it live. 


Submitting Billing Information:
After completing your first ad you will be redirected to your dashboard which will prompt you to submit your billing information.




Ad Review

After submitting payment, your ad will automatically enter our approval queue. We require a 1 business day grace period to approve your ad. Ads that do not have a set approval time will start running as soon as they are approved.  All ads are approved by a human at Reddit. 

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