Pricing and Billing

The Reddit Ads platform is an auction-based system. There is a minimum bid, but no capped bid amount. The bid you place is the highest CPM (cost per thousand impressions) you’re willing to pay for your ad to be seen by the target audience.

Reddit’s ad auction considers competing bids for every available impression. The CPM price you pay depends on a range of factors with competing ads, such as targeting and bid. CPM is the only cost model for Reddit’s ads auction at this time. You should consider how much impressions are worth to you. This maximum bid may not necessarily be the final bid price you pay because that is determined by several factors such as your bid, budget, the number of times a user has seen your ad in the past, and the maximum bid of competing ads.

What is a daily spend?

Daily spend can be used as a guideline for how many impressions your ad will deliver each day. Daily spend would be calculated as your budget split evenly across your campaign duration. For example, with a budget of $100 between Jan 1 and Jan 5, your daily spend would be $25 per day ($100 / 4 days). Note that this does not mean the ad is guaranteed to deliver $25 per day. If you receive few impressions in the beginning of your campaign, your daily spend may later ramp up to meet your total budget within the remaining days. For example if your ad delivers $5 and $10 on the first two days respectively of a $100 budget in a 4 day campaign, the system will attempt to deliver the unspent $85 of your total budget in the remaining days. This will not affect your CPM bid.

How am I billed?

Ad payments are taken upfront based on the maximum estimated cost of the campaign. When you’ve finished creating your ad, click ‘pay’ to fill out your credit card information. This will submit a payment authorization. Upon payment, your ad is submitted to our approval queue for Reddit’s daily ad reviews. After your ad is approved, you’ll be charged 12-24 hours before your launch. If we can’t approve your ad for content or other prohibited ads reasons, your payment authorization is voided. We do not charge for rejected ads.

What if my total budget doesn’t deliver in full?

In some instances, your maximum bid may be too low and your promotion will not deliver any impressions. If the ad doesn’t deliver the entire total budget across your campaign duration, you will automatically be refunded your unspent budget 24 hours after your campaign has ended. Please allow 5-7 business days for the refund to be returned to you. 

Learn how to use the self serve platform in the Create Ads section. 

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