Submitting Payment

NOTE: This article is intended only for clients still using our legacy self-serve platform. 


Credit card is the only accepted method of payment for self-serve ads. After you have created your ad, you'll be able to add targeting options to the ad. With each campaign, you'll see a blue "pay" button next to the budget you specified.

Clicking the "pay" button will bring you to a page on our secure webserver for entering your credit card details. All credit card processing is done by (we don't store your credit card numbers). We accept all major credit cards, including international credit cards.

Once you have paid, you'll receive an email notification that your ad has been approved. We'll keep you posted as the payment authorization gets charged and later when your ad launches. The email notification is meant to act as your receipt. If you'd like a detailed receipt, please with your username or link to your ad.

Once your ad is approved, your payment authorization will be captured 12-24 hours before the ad launches. If your ad is rejected, we won't capture the payment authorization and the hold will be released in 24-48 hours. 

International credit cards

If you have an international card from a country which does not have a zip code, please use your postal code. If your code contains letters, please remove these letters. For example, if your postal code is V6B0H2, please remove the letters so that it becomes 60200. If 60200 does not work, try with 60201.




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