Targeting the Frontpage and Collections

NOTE: This article is intended only for clients still using our legacy self-serve platform. 

Reddit offers the ability to target advertising to nine Reddit subreddit collection audiences, including the frontpage:

  • Reddit front page
  • food and drink
  • news and current affairs
  • entertainment
  • sports and fitness
  • college
  • automotive
  • shopping and fashion
  • travel
  • gaming
  • technology
  • after dark
  • art and design
  • trending topics
  • pets
  • politics

These subreddit collections, with the exception of the frontpage influencers group, are collections of Reddit subreddits composed of highly passionate users and the topics they love. Subreddits are created and maintained by Reddit users around specific interests. There are more than 10,000 active subreddits. These subreddit collections allow advertisers to quickly make use of the largest and most diverse subreddits to build advertising campaigns that target specific audiences. 

Adding a subreddit collection to your ad

To target a subreddit collection on your campaign dashboard, select the "collections" radio button. Then, select the subreddit collection you want to target from the drop-down list. Edit the timing and budget fields to match your desired campaign, then click "create".

Note: You're not limited to just one target! You can add as many more targets you want to an ad by clicking the orange +new campaign button. You can add another subreddit collection, or mix and match with subreddits and frontpage-location ads. 



Reddit Front Page is the frontpage of the internet. With more than 80% of reddit visits originating on the frontpage, you’re reaching a large audience of influencers. This collection is comprised of and /r/all.

Food and Drink Foodies, home cooks, industry professionals, and people who just love to eat and drink come together to talk about good eats, good drinks, and the perfect meal.

News and Current Affairs Users can find the latest news and thoughtful commentary on world news, local news, and within different verticals like science and politics.

Entertainment Entertainment enthusiasts care about entertainment, music, movies and television. They follow their favorite shows and genres. They’re looking for new releases, behind the scenes tidbits, connections with other fans, and music.

Sports & Fitness From spending hours in the gym to hours watching their favorite teams compete, the sports and fitness obsessed look to reddit for news and recommendations.

College Students (and alumni) connect with each other on academics, school culture, careers, and the life of a college student within higher education communities and subreddits for individual colleges.

Automotive Car enthusiasts, racing fans, mechanics, and people who share stories and advice on maintaining a smooth ride.

Shopping and Fashion Finding your style, being comfortable in your skin, and sharing the best advice on caring for your personal appearance.

Travel The world is their oyster. Travelers use Reddit as a hub for inspiration, advice, and route planning for trips near and far.

Gaming From MMO pc games to consoles and blockbuster gaming releases, the reddit gaming community are hardcore players. They’re looking for new games, people to play with, insight into professional leagues, and a robust outlet for sharing opinions.

Technology From software to hardware, these reddit users are curious about data, manufacturing, troubleshooting, and creating products.

After Dark The after-hours area of reddit for adult content.

Art and design Creators, makers, and artists come together in communities devoted to creativity, visual aesthetics, and the arts

Trending topics The latest social media buzz and viral content on the web. Before making it to Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, or the Ellen Show, it's on Reddit first.

Pets Reddit users love their pets. These communities share photos and anecdotes, tips on petcare, and the cutest pictures this side of the Internet.

Politics These communities discuss political parties, news, policies, and the latest on the 2016 US Presidential Election

*** Women's Lifestyle This holiday season, reach women on Reddit and users who browse these communities to find the best gift ideas for the women in their lives. Girlfriend, mother, coworker, sister, friend - find women on Reddit in these communities.

*** Men's Lifestyle This holiday season, reach men on Reddit and users who browse these communities to find the best gift ideas for the men in their lives. From shaving to fashion to general lifestyle discussion, these communities focus on the interests of men on Reddit.

*** Gift Cards & Deals Just in time for the holidays! These users seek out deals, coupons, and easy gift ideas for easy options to send gifts to others plus the allure of saving a few bucks on their purchase.


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