Comments Thread

The comments thread

On Reddit, users post and share content they find new and interesting on the internet. Every post has a comments thread where users can discuss, share opinions, and ask questions to other users or the original poster ("OP"). 

In the same way, that every Reddit post has a comments thread that allows for discussion, every promoted post on Reddit includes a comments thread. Any viewer of the ad can click "comment" on your ad to discuss the ad. 

Logged-in users can upvote, downvote, and comment on ads. The comments may be disabled on Reddit ads, but you are highly encouraged to keep the comments thread and utilize it as an extension of your ad. When approached correctly, the comments thread of an ad is a powerful tool for advertisers to further inform Reddit users about their brand, product, or service. Read more on how to engage in ad comments threads.

Adding a comment to an ad

To add a comment, navigate to your ad's comments thread. You can go here by finding your ad at your ads homepage and clicking "comment" underneath the ad's headline title.

Your logged-in view of your live ad: 

Replying to comments

If a Reddit user leaves a comment on your ad, you will receive notification via an orange-red envelope at the top right corner. When this envelope turns orange-red, you have a new comment or private message ("PM"). This is the same structure for Reddit users as well. If you reply to their comment, they receive notification via the orange-red envelope while they are logged-in to Reddit.  

To reply to a comment, go to the comments page of the ad and click the "reply" button. Enter your comment in the drop down text field, and click "save".

Disabling comments

You are able to disable the comments threads during ad creation by clicking the "edit creative" button on your ad edit page, and clicking "disable comments". If your ad has already launched, we encourage you to consider making changes to your ad copy or engaging with the comments before disabling comments. Reddit users love being able to comment on Reddit ads. For ads that have already launched, you may disable the comments thread by contacting us at

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