Suspensions are applied for violating the Reddit content policy.

  • Suspensions can only be applied to accounts by the admins, employees of Reddit.
  • Suspensions can be permanent or temporary, depending on the nature of the violation and the history of the person in question.


  • Notification of a suspension is provided via private message.
  • A visual reminder of the suspension will appear on each page the user visits and any time a forbidden action is attempted.
  • Temporary suspensions will only be apparent to the user affected.
  • Permanent suspensions will be publicly communicated via the userpage of the affected user.

Forbidden Actions:

While an account is suspended from reddit the user will not be able to:

  • Vote
  • Create posts
  • Comment
  • Send private messages to other users
  • Send private messages to subreddits other than r/
  • Report posts
  • Create new subreddits
  • Give or buy gold
  • Edit flair
  • Edit wiki pages
  • Toggle posts as NSFW
  • Create self-serve advertisements

Additionally, suspended moderator accounts will not able to:

  • Access moderation tools
  • Access moderator mail
  • Approve, remove, spam or ignore reports from posts or comments
  • Distinguish posts or comments
  • Edit flair
  • Toggle posts as NSFW
  • Set comment thread suggested sort
  • Enable/disable contest mode
  • Sticky/Unsticky posts


Suspensions can be appealed by messaging the admins or emailing

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